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Discover a variety of taste and get
indulge in a tea culture with NICHA

nicha thai premium flower herbal tea

Herbal & Flower Tea

nicha tea selection high mountain assam oolong


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Herbal Tea


Indulge with NICHA herbal and flower blends - we source our ingredients with integrity and utmost care

so you can enjoy both of their taste and benefits. 

NICHA flower and herbal tea will indulge a palate and promote everyday wellness. Each blend illustrates the value of nature at best in their purest form.

Our team source ingredients from its origin, aroma, flavour, body and finish to serve 'Purity In A Cup'.


Taste of Tea

Discover a diversity of tea from from Assam to Oolong. Enjoy its original taste and NICHA signature blends that sprinkled with flowers and herb without adding flavour yet bringing another dimension of joyful note along with their benefits.


NICHA GIFT for every Occasion

From individual to corporate and wedding gifts,

NICHA team are happy to curate a healthy and meaningful gift that brings a big smile

to givers and receivers. There is no minimum amount and seasonal cards can be applied. 


  Where to find NICHA  

“The package is beautiful and strong. The tea is smooth and aromatic. They ship out fast."
"we buy lemongrass pandan for our customers at the hostel.
They love it!"
“I love the packaging very much. It is a perfect gift for seniors.”
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