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Infusing jasmine flowers in a bitter Oolong base,

the scent of jasmine adds another dimension to the tea-drinking experience and brews up an exquisite cup with an alluring aroma and delicate sweet floral taste.


Oolong is from originally from China

Jasmine flower from mountain area of northern part of Thailand.


Jasmine flower is known for a burst in antioxidant,

it may helps with healthy aging and lower the risk of cancer.  


In one study, the fragrance of jasmine tea also improves mood.

The aroma also had a calming effect on the nervous system,

which controls breathing, heart rate, and digestion. The experiment was repeated with linalool, a compound that contributes to the odor of jasmine. 


**This Jasmine Oolong contains caffeine


Jasmine Oolong 25 Sachets

  • Jasmine Flower, Oolong

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